How to Cancel The Joint Chiropractic Membership

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how to cancel the joint membership
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Have you ever thought about the risks that could come with going to a chiropractor? Caitlin Jensen, who graduated from Georgia Southern University, was paralyzed in 2022 after getting her neck adjusted. The adjustment caused four dissected arteries, leading to cardiac arrest, stroke and traumatic brain injury.

Her family is now emotionally and financially drained and has hired an attorney because they believe what happened to Caitlin was caused by the chiropractor. Although Caitlin’s incident did not occur at The Joint Chiropractic, this is still a nightmare for someone who just wants to have their back or neck pain gone, it might be time to reconsider and understand the steps on how to cancel The Joint membership.

how to cancel the joint chiropractic membership

How to Cancel The Joint Chiropractic Membership

  1. Call their Hotline at (480) 245-5960
  2. Ask for cancelation of membership
  3. Provide your Full Name and Membership Details
  4. Ask if you can get a confirmation of cancellation via email

Alternatively, you can visit their clinic personally and speak to their front desk about the cancellation of your membership.

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How to Cancel The Joint Membership Online

  1. Go to
  2. Provide your personal information and cancellation message in the message box
  1. Click Submit
  2. Wait for them to respond via email
  3. Follow any further instructions they will provide

Alternatives to Chiropractic

joint chiropractic

In case you are finding alternatives for chiropractic care, the following options can also be used to manage back and neck pain, increase mobility and foster general health. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage: This type of massage uses long strokes that go with the muscles’ grains, kneading them gently, and circular movements whose sole purpose is to improve blood circulation while relaxing them.

Deep Tissue Massage: This method targets deep muscle layers alongside connective tissues thus making it ideal for chronic pains caused by muscle tension.

Shiatsu Massage: It’s a Japanese technique that involves putting pressure on specific points across the body to relieve pain or even tension​.


Yoga is an ancient practice that combines physical postures (asanas), breathing exercises, and meditation to improve flexibility, strength, and mental concentration. It has been found particularly effective in dealing with chronic neck/back pains and promoting overall relaxation.


Osteopathic treatment involves manipulating/massaging the musculoskeletal system to enhance health. Joint pain relief becomes possible through this approach, which also addresses muscle aches and other body part alignment issues on a holistic basis, including exercise advice​.​

Stretching Therapy

Professionals often provide assisted stretching, whose main aim is increasing flexibility while reducing pain levels associated with tight muscles around different areas such as arms or legs etcetera. In this case, your practitioner gently stretches out these muscles until they become loose enough thereby allowing you to gain more movement range and easing stiffness along joints or bones​.

Mindfulness & Relaxation Techniques

There are several ways to achieve mindfulness including; mindfulness meditation, and breathing exercises coupled with guided imagery all aimed at pain management by inducing relaxation as well as reducing stress levels in the body. These methods are widely known for their effectiveness in dealing with chronic pain conditions and for promoting mental wellness​.

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If you are thinking about canceling your membership with The Joint Chiropractic because of worries over the risks that may come with chiropractic care, then follow our guide. You can cancel your subscription by calling The Joint Chiropractic hotline at (480) 245-5960 and tell them your details so they can send a confirmation email after processing your request.

In addition, you may visit their clinic personally and talk to any of their front desk representatives or fill up a contact form found on their website in order to cancel online. There are also alternatives you can try if you’re looking to alleviate back pain, such as massage and stretching.

Last Updated on July 07, 2024
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