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Stephen A.
Stephen A. Read More
I just got almost $600 refunded. Cushion works great and is well worth the money
Nashira S.
Nashira S. Read More
I signed up and received $280 in less than 24 hours! Don’t hesitate on this THANKS SO MUCH
Blair M.
Blair M. Read More
Y’all have negotiated over $700 in fees for me. NO JOKE. So grateful for Cushion. 👏🥳
Hunter K.
Hunter K. Read More
I can say that they negotiated over $600 of credit fees away (due to shutdown).
They work very very well!
It allowed me to put that money towards principal instead of interest! Saving me much MUCH more money in the long run!
David K.
David K. Read More
I’ve gotten back $800+ so far and I’m really liking it!!!
Mark W.
Mark W. Read More
idk how tf they did it but.. in less than a day they got me back $280. im stokedd
Brandon G.
Brandon G. Read More
Cushion helped me get back thousands that the bank was charging me, they really are a great service!
Tammy J.
Tammy J. Read More
I got back $208 with a week.
Morales G.
Morales G. Read More
I just got it and they got me $105 and they are still looking to get me more
Sajjad A.
Sajjad A. Read More
I got $782 back in a day , I have paid $1382 in fees till date, worth paying the $96 for the year.

Case Studies

Emails from Happy Customers

Hannah K. from Montana
Total refunds to date: $1,020

“When I saw the refund, I thought, ‘Oh my god! This is killer.’ I worked in tech before COVID hit, and then we sold our startup for $25 million. A lot of stuff fell out after that—all of the VPs and I lost our positions. When I signed up with Cushion, I had overdrafts. But when the government sent the stimulus check through, my bank supplemented the overdraft amount so I could get the full payout. Three months later, they took the supplemental amount out, sending me into overdraft again. Cushion pushed back on everything. I’ve tried negotiating with my bank before, but I don’t want to spend that time on the phone, especially if there’s something like Cushion that can do it for me.”

Josh R. Tennessee
Total refunds to date: $834

“Cushion is legitimate. These negotiations really do happen, and this service is really looking out for the everyday person in middle America who feels like it’s never possible to go up against a giant. It’s empowering because it has shown me, not only can I get some of my fees back, but there is power in taking a stake, in standing up, in doing what’s right. I would’ve never approached my bank on my own for a refund, and Cushion helped make that happen. For that, I’m forever grateful.”

Kathleen R. from Texas
Total refunds to date: $748

“My small business got hit hard with COVID. I had almost $1,400 in overdraft fees during the shutdown—most from auto payments for things like WiFi and electric bills that added up to $34 a pop. I emailed my bank’s customer service and asked for help. They credited me three service charges and refused any more. I signed up with Cushion, and within three days I had almost $800 credited to my account. My service charge for Cushion was $48—definitely worth it! They are still working on other fees, but at this point, anything extra is a bonus for me. Super happy customer, and I’d definitely recommend it!”

Ben B. from Oklahoma
Total Refunds to Date: $612

“I thought fees were an inevitable fact that you had to live with. You could call customer service and sometimes they would give them back, sometimes they wouldn’t. When I first learned about Cushion, I was pretty skeptical. But after reading numerous reviews, I thought I’d try it. It’s good to know there’s an organization out there that can fight for unnecessary fees and get your money back.”

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