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Get your bank fees waived - effortlessly

Cushion’s bot haggles with banks to get your money back

Get a refund without lifting a finger

Bank fees are costly, stressful, and a pain to deal with. Cushion's technology saves you time and money by fighting them for you.

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How it Works

Connect Your Accounts

How it Works

Connect Your Accounts

Securely connect the credit cards or bank accounts that you use most frequently.

Uncover Any Fees

Uncover Any Fees

Uncover Any Fees

Cushion’s bot, Fee Fighter, instantly surfaces any
bank fees that it finds.

Get Your Money Back

Fee Fighter

Get Your Money Back

With your permission, Fee Fighter haggles with the bank to get you a refund.


  • Fee Fighter got $187 worth of fees (that I was not aware of) waived from my credit card within a few hours of signing up. They turned me into a believer real quick!

    — Isaac

  • I’m not sure what I enjoyed more, getting $33 in credit card interest waived or reading the adorable updates from Fee Fighter. This service is a no-brainer 💰

    — Roxana

  • This is AWESOME and could not have been ANY easier! One day after signing up, Fee Fighter got me a $96 statement credit and a 3% APR reduction!

    — Brian

  • For less than 5 minutes of my time, Fee Fighter got me a $92 refund. Somehow it waived two of my transactions - one of which was a Cash Advance. Amazing ROI!

    — Tom

Security is Our Priority

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Cushion uses the highest security standards to protect your data. In addition to 256-bit SSL encryption, we have invested in security partnerships and experts to build a secure infrastructure that keeps your sensitive information safe at all times.

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