How to Cancel Nest Aware Subscription & Free Trial

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cancel nest aware
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With all of those smart devices, have you at any point thought about how safe your home really is? Google proclaimed its commitment to privacy at home not long ago, promising that Your home is a special place. You want to trust the things you bring into your home. However, an issue came to light in 2019 after finding out that the images could still be accessed by owners who sold off their Nest Cam Indoor which is a huge concern about privacy. If you were thinking about canceling your Nest Aware subscription or free trial due to this incident — this article will guide you on how to cancel Nest Aware Subscription.

how to cancel nest aware

How to Cancel Nest Aware Subscription on Google Store

  1. Log in to
  2. Click Nest Aware
  3. Click More (three dots)
  4. Click Cancel Subscription

Note: This is the same process you will do if you want to cancel your Nest Aware Free Trial Subscription.

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How to Cancel Nest Aware Subscription on Android

  1. Go to Google Play Store App
  2. Click your Profile Icon at the top right
  3. Click Payments and subscriptions
  4. Click Subscriptions
  5. Click Nest Aware from Active Subscriptions
  6. Click Cancel Subscription 

How Do I Cancel My Nest Aware Subscription on iPhone

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on your Apple ID at the top of the screen.
  3. Click Subscriptions
  4. Click Nest Aware app
  5. Click Cancel Subscription or Cancel Free Trial

How to Cancel Nest Aware Subscription on Nest App

  1. Go to Settings from the Nest App (Gear Icon)
  2. Click Nest Aware
  3. Click Manage Subscription at the bottom
  4. Click the Subscription you’d like to cancel under Subscriptions section
  5. Click Cancel subscription

cancel nest aware subscription

How to Cancel Nest Aware Subscription on Nest Website

  1. Log in to
  2. Click the home that has your current subscription you’d like to cancel (this applies if you have multiple homes)
  3. Click the Subscription you’d like to cancel under Subscriptions section
  4. Click Cancel subscription

Nest Aware Cancellation and Refund Policy

If you are a Nest Aware customer, you might need to know the details of their cancellation and refund policy below:

Cancellation Process:

  • You can follow the different cancellation steps we’ve provided above.
  • Upon cancellation, your Nest Renew Premium services and benefits will immediately stop.

Impact of Cancellation:

  • Canceling your Nest Renew Premium will stop all related services, including your Clean Energy Match.
  • If you downgrade to Nest Renew Basic, you will lose all premium benefits immediately.

Payment in Process:

  • If a payment is processed during cancellation, it will be completed before your account is downgraded or canceled.
  • You will be notified via email about the success or failure of the payment.

Automatic Downgrade:

  • Your account will be downgraded if your payment method fails and is not updated within seven days.
  • It will also be canceled if you dispute or charge back the Nest Renew Premium payment.

Refund Policy:

  • The Nest Renew Premium service fee is generally non-refundable.
  • Refunds can be issued in certain situations, such as if you were charged by mistake.

For Refund and Cancelation assistance, you can contact Nest support at or directly calling them at +18442292208

cancel nest aware refund

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If you are thinking about your home safety and security, this is the right time to cancel your Nest Aware. We’ve provided above the easiest ways to do this–just go to your ‘Google Store Subscriptions’, click ‘Nest Aware’ and click ‘Cancel Subscription.’

You can also reach the Nest support team by submitting a message through their contact form or directly calling them at +18442292208

Nest Aware Premium is non-refundable thus they can process refunds in certain circumstances only such as if you were mistakenly charged.

Last Updated on June 06, 2024
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