How to Cancel GEICO Car Insurance Policy

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how to cancel geico car insurance
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Whether you found a better quote, or you’re simply relocating to another state, you may be thinking about canceling your current car insurance policy.

Don’t worry — it happens all the time, and it’s usually pretty painless with the right instructions.

We’ll take you through how to cancel your policy step by step in this article so that you can decide what car insurance coverage is right for you. Whether it’s cost savings that you’re after, a move or just finding a better match, we’ve got your back at every turn of your insurance journey.

how to cancel car insurance geico

How to Cancel Your GEICO Car Insurance

  1. Call (800) 841-1587 to speak with a licensed agent
  2. Wait for the Interactive Voice Response
  3. Say “Cancel Insurance Policy
  4. Say “Auto
  5. Ready your GEICO policy number
  6. Wait for the call to connect you to one of their agents.

For more information about their cancellation process, you can visit

Can you Cancel GEICO Car Insurance Online?

Unfortunately, you cannot cancel your GEICO car insurance online. Alternatively, you can cancel your insurance by calling their hotline number (800) 841-1587.

How to Cancel GEICO Insurance Without Calling

All you have to do is print their letter of cancellation, fill it out, and send it to your former insurance provider.

💡 Note: Do not send this to GEICO. Your current insurance provider will take care of the cancellation and process any refund for you.

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Can I terminate my GEICO insurance online?

At present, GEICO doesn’t facilitate complete policy cancellations online. You must directly contact them via phone to cancel your car insurance policy.

Will I get a reimbursement upon canceling my GEICO policy?

If you’ve prepaid your premium, you might qualify for a prorated refund. The refund amount depends on your policy terms and the cancellation date.

Are there any cancellation charges for GEICO car insurance?

Typically, GEICO doesn’t impose cancellation fees. However, it’s wise to verify any potential fees with a representative.

How soon does the cancellation become effective?

You can usually select either an immediate or future cancellation date. Confirm the precise date when speaking with a GEICO representative.

Can I cancel my policy if I have an ongoing claim?

Yes, you can cancel your insurance policy despite having an active claim. However, the claim will be managed as per your policy terms until the cancellation date.

What factors should I ponder before canceling my GEICO car insurance?

Before proceeding, keep these things in mind:

  • Can you secure alternative insurance plans to prevent coverage gaps?
  • What’s the long-term impact on your insurance premiums?
  • Can you secure a refund?

How do I maintain continuous coverage when switching insurers?

To maintain uninterrupted coverage, initiate your new insurance policy before canceling your GEICO policy.

What happens to my automated payments post-cancellation?

Following cancellation, GEICO should cease any scheduled automatic payments. Confirm this during the cancellation process.

For more information about your GEICO Insurance policy, you may visit

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Canceling your GEICO car insurance policy can be done by calling (800) 841-1587. Just be sure to have your GEICO policy number on hand.

But before canceling your insurance policy, consider these factors:

  • Can you secure alternative insurance plans to prevent coverage gaps?
  • What’s the long-term impact on your insurance premiums?
  • Can you secure a refund?

At the end of the day though, Finding an insurer who meets your requirements is important if you want peace while driving.

Last Updated on May 05, 2024
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