How to Cancel Crunch Fitness Membership

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how to cancel crunch membership
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If it’s your wallet that’s losing weight, it might be time to learn how to cancel your Crunch membership. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or simply stay fit, you’ll be in a better position to achieve your goal if you’re working out with like-minded people. To help members accomplish their fitness goals, Crunch built a diverse and inclusive community that supports and doesn’t discriminate. However, if you haven’t been consistent with the sessions because you’ve been busy, canceling your Crunch Fitness membership is a good idea and will help you save money.

Crunch Fitness Membership Cancelation Process

You can cancel your Crunch Fitness membership without breaking a sweat by going online. However, canceling your membership in person or by phone might give you faster results because you can get immediate confirmation from Crunch Fitness that your request was approved. Another way is to forward your membership cancelation request via certified mail.  

Pro Tip: Whatever method you use to cancel your Crunch membership, do it 30 days before the next scheduled billing date to avoid paying additional fees.

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How to Cancel Crunch Fitness Membership Online

Below are the steps on how to cancel your Crunch gym membership online through the company’s website.

  1. Go to the Contact Us
  2. Choose “Manage Membership Option”.
  3. Look for the location of the Crunch Fitness gym where you got your membership.
  4. Click “Cancelation”.
  5. Fill out the required fields with the correct information.
  6. Click “Submit”.

how to cancel crunch membership on phone

How to Cancel Crunch Fitness Membership By Phone

You can cancel your Crunch Fitness membership without going in by only using your phone.

  1. Call the Crunch Fitness headquarters at 1-844-9CRUNCH or 1-844-927-8624.
  2. You will be connected to a representative from your gym’s location. Inform them that you want to cancel your membership.
  3. Prepare your details, such as your account or membership number, and other information like date of birth, type of membership program, and duration of contract in case they verify your identity.
  4. Ask if you are eligible for refunds and confirm if you need to pay a cancelation fee.

Expect the Crunch Fitness representative to try to convince you to stay. Just stick to your guns and reiterate your decision to cancel your membership. The rep will see that you won’t budge and inform you of the next steps:

  1. Pay for outstanding fees, if any.
  2. Return your membership card to your Crunch Fitness branch.

How to Cancel Crunch Fitness Membership in Person

Another way is to cancel your membership in person so you get a written confirmation that the cancelation process was approved.

  1. Get some steps in by visiting the Crunch Fitness branch that sold you a membership.
  2. Approach the operations manager.
  3. Inform the manager that you want to cancel your membership.
  4. Be prepared, as they might ask you to sign some paperwork and provide a written notice of cancelation of membership. If applicable, they will give you a summary of the fees you have to settle.
  5. Be ready to surrender your membership card and key tag number once your cancelation request has been approved.
  6. Ask the Operations Manager for a written confirmation that your membership has been canceled.

How to Cancel Crunch Fitness Membership Via Regular Mail

Sending out regular mail might be considered old school, but it’s effective because your request to cancel your Crunch membership is confirmed in writing.

  1. Use the Cancelation Form that’s included in your monthly billing statement.
  2. Fill out the required information.
  3. Keep a copy of the cancelation form for your records.
  4. Address the letter to:

Crunch Corporate Headquarters
Crunch, LLC, PO Box 1918
Old Chelsea Station, NY 10011

Pro Tip: Use certified mail as it can be tracked. You can check if your Crunch membership branch has received it.

how to cancel crunch fitness membership

User Experience on Crunch Fitness

The general consensus among former members of Crunch Fitness is that canceling a membership is easy. The fastest way to cancel your membership is to visit or call your Crunch Fitness branch and complete the process with the operations manager. To help you with the process, make sure you’re ready to explain why you want to cancel and other documents to verify your identity.


Going to a “No Judgement” gym like Crunch Fitness is a fun and easy way to stick to your fitness goals. However, if it has become hard for you to remain consistent with your workouts, maintaining the membership might put your monthly budget on a diet. Instead of going to your Crunch Fitness branch to work out your muscles, work out the cancelation of your membership with the operations manager. You can do this in person or by phone. Learning how to cancel your Crunch membership can help get your finances back in shape.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How much does it cost to cancel my Crunch Fitness membership?

It will cost you a cancelation fee of $200 if you cancel before you’ve completed one year of membership. Crunch Fitness has a policy that discourages members from canceling their membership if they’ve been members for less than one year. To find out how long you’ve been a member of Crunch Fitness, contact their customer service team at 1-844-9CRUNCH.

2. Can I freeze or pause my membership?

Yes, you can request Crunch Fitness to freeze or pause your membership by filling out a contact form. You can also relay your request to your Crunch Fitness branch or contact the gym’s customer service team.

3. Does Crunch automatically renew my membership?

Yes, Crunch will automatically renew your membership if you don’t inform them beforehand and give them advance notice regarding your cancelation. A “Crunch Fitness” membership will require 10 to 30 days’ notice, while a “Crunch Signature” needs a lead time of 30 days.

4. Can I get a refund after canceling my Crunch Fitness membership?

Yes, there are two ways you can get a refund approved by Crunch Fitness. The first is by canceling your membership within five days as per the Terms and Conditions of your contract. The second way is if your reason for canceling your membership is because of a disability or medical condition that prevents you from exercising regularly.

5. Will the non-use of the gym lead to an automatic cancelation of my Crunch membership?

No, if you acquire a monthly membership, you will continue to get charged every month until your membership is canceled. If you paid in full, your membership will be terminated at the end of the term that’s specified in the contract.

Last Updated on May 05, 2024
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