How to Cancel Canva Subscription

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how to cancel canva subscription
While Cushion doesn’t cancel subscriptions on your behalf, it empowers you with complete financial control. Use this article as a guide to cancel your Canva Subscription.
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Canva is a powerful tool for creating stunning graphics, presentations, and basically all kinds of media. In fact, 170 million people are using Canva every month.  Canva has also achieved a critical milestone of 100 million monthly users in 2021.

Although it’s quite useful, you may want to know how to cancel your Canva subscription after a few months. This may be due to budget limits, priorities, or finding a better alternative. Regardless of the reason, surely you want to guarantee you won’t get charged anymore.

How to Cancel Your Canva Subscription

Here are the procedures to follow if you want to cancel your Canva plan. There are specific instructions depending on the device you use.

On Desktop or PC:

1. Verify that you are logged into the correct Canva group or account.
2. Navigate to the Settings menu on the homepage.

cancel canva subscription desktop

3. Go to Billing & Plans.

cancel canva subscription desktop pc

4. Choose More actions from your plan.

cancel canva subscription computer

5. Click Request Cancellation.

On Mobile Web:

  1. Make sure you’re logged into the right Canva team or account.
  2. Tap the Menu from the home screen.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Select Billing & plans.
  5. Choose your plan and check the button for more options.
  6. Select Request Cancelation.

On Android:

how to cancel canva subscription on android

  1. Open the Google Play app on your phone.
  2. Tap the Account icon on the top corner to see if you are logged in to the correct Google account.
  3. Select Payments & Subscriptions.
  4. Choose Subscriptions to see your current subscription plan.
  5. Select Canva, then you will see an option there to cancel your subscription and confirm the action.

Remember that when you only uninstall the app on your smartphone, your subscription is still active. That’s why you need to follow these instructions thoroughly to ensure you cancel your premium plan successfully.

On iOS:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap your name, then Subscriptions. If you do not see it, choose iTunes & App Store instead.
  3. Select and view your Apple ID.
  4. Sign in to your account and tap Subscriptions.

how to cancel canva subscription on ios

  1. Choose Canva, and select the option for cancellation.

Similar to Android devices, simply uninstalling the Canva app on your phone won’t imply cancellation of your subscription. So, ensure you follow the above steps and avoid sudden bill charges.

What happens if I cancel my Canva subscription?

The cancellation takes effect after your current payment cycle. Until then, you have access to the paid features. Remember, canceling your plan does not remove your current designs or Brand Kit. You can reuse them if you upgrade to Canva Pro or Canva for Teams again.

To make sure you’re not being charged after canceling, track bill payments monthly and make sure Canva isn’t on your list.

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Pausing a Canva Subscription

If you just want to take a vacation from your Canva account and don’t want to cancel it, you can choose to pause your membership. Canva allows you to pause your Canva subscription for three months.

The pause begins after the current billing period ends, and your account will be automatically reinstated once the three-month term is up. Use Cushion’s calendar wizard to set a reminder for the third month and avoid unwanted charges.

Deleting Your Canva Account

In some cases, you may not just want your Canva Pro subscription to get canceled but need to delete your account instead, even if you only have the free plan. That said, you can follow these steps to delete your Canva account:

  1. To access your Account Settings, click the gear symbol in the top corner of the homepage.
  2. Choose the Login & Security tab, then select Delete account.
  3. Confirm the request and wait until 14 days for your count to be deleted. If you have a sudden change of mind, you can still retrieve your account from deletion by logging in as long as it is still within the timeframe.

Understanding Canva Plans

Canva has several plans to offer based on your current needs and requirements. Here are their premium packages:

Canva Pro

An upgrade to Canva Pro provides you with unrestricted access to a larger library of professional pictures, audio tracks, videos, and elements. Additional features include Background Remover, Content Planner, Magic Resize, version history, and team features.

This plan is ideal for you if you often use graphic designing tools for personal and professional projects.

Canva for Teams

Canva for Teams is similar to Pro, but it is ideal to use for groups of two or more people to create and collaborate smoothly. It’s jam-packed with excellent features to help you be more productive and creative in your design work.

Canva for Education

Canva for Education allows you to design the most engaging lessons and activities for students in class or online. You can access thousands of templates for any subject, grade, or topic and use all of Canva’s premium features for free.

Canva for Nonprofits

If you want to make a bigger impression, Canva can assist. Canva for Teams is available for free to eligible nonprofits as part of the Canva for Nonprofits program.

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Monitor Your Online Subscriptions

It’s so convenient to use online transactions nowadays. With just a few clicks and swipes, you can get a subscription to an app or tool like Canva. But, sometimes, paying for these services can go to waste, especially if you don’t often use them.

Fortunately, it’s easy to learn how to cancel a Canva subscription. And, with Cushion, you can track your next due date and build credit history with bills and BNPL payments you’re already making.

Last Updated on May 05, 2024
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