How to Cancel ASPCA Donation

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how to cancel aspca donation
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A decision to cancel an American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) donation could be due to financial reasons and not because you love animals less. Launched in 1886, the ASPCA has undertaken programs designed to rescue, protect, care, and relocate animals. These programs are funded by monthly donations from animal lovers who become ASPCA Guardians. When you sign up as an ASPCA Guardian, you’re asked to donate a minimum of $19 monthly. If you’re having difficulty keeping up with the donations, it’s okay to ask how do I cancel my ASPCA monthly donation. Remember, there are other ways to show your love for animals.

how do i cancel my aspca monthly donation

Cancel ASPCA Donation

To cancel your ASPCA donation, call 1-800-628-0028. A representative from Guardian member services will speak with you. The ASPCA will email you a letter confirming your donation’s cancelation. You can also cancel your ASPCA donation by email by sending your request to [email protected].

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How to Cancel ASPCA Donation By Phone

  1. Call 1-800-628-0028 and wait for a Guardian representative to take your call. Customer service hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm ET.
  2. The Guardian representative will request your full name and home address to verify your ASPCA Guardian donation program subscription.
  3. The ASPCA will send you an email confirming the cancelation of your donation.

Pro Tip: To have the ASPCA cancel your recurring donation, contact Guardian services at least three days before your next payment date.

How to Cancel ASPCA Donation By Email

  1. Prepare an email addressed to [email protected]. The subject line of your email is “Cancelation of Donation.”
  2. In your email, inform the ASPCA of your decision to cancel your donation. Include personal information such as your full name, home address, and contact details.
  3. Please check your inbox for a response. The ASPCA will then email you to confirm the cancelation of your donation.

aspca cancel recurring donation

ASPCA Donation Information

To donate to the ASPCA, you can become a one-time donor or sign up as an ASPCA Guardian and contribute monthly. The minimum donation as a one-time donor or ASPCA Guardian is $19. You can send your donation by calling the ASPCA at 1-800-628-0028 or by filling out forms for monthly and one-time donations. If you become an ASPCA Guardian, you’ll receive the following: a limited-edition ASPCA champion t-shirt, a subscription to ASPCA Action magazine, a bi-annual newsletter, and a photo of an ASPCA-rescued animal.


The ASPCA isn’t the only non-profit organization that cares about the rescue, protection, and relocation of animals. Local animal welfare groups in your area carry out similar programs. You can visit local animal shelters to contribute or bring one home as a pet. If the Guardian membership is no longer sustainable, go ahead and cancel your ASPCA donation.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can I change my email address?

Email your old and new email addresses to [email protected].

2. How can I be assured that my donation is going to the ASPCA?

Donations made via the website’s forms are validated by a URL that reads “” Requests for donations made by phone are made only by paid fundraisers. The caller should identify the fundraiser and know your Member ID number.

3. Where can I find the ASPCA’s annual report to see how much of my donation goes to caring for animals?

The ASPCA’s annual report is available here. According to the ASPCA, approximately 76 cents out of every dollar is used to fund animal care programs nationwide.

4. I donated using my credit card, but I was charged twice. What should I do?

Contact the credit card company and find out if the extra charge is a pending charge. If it is, the bank should cancel it in a few days. If not, contact ASPCA Member Support at 1-800-628-0028.

5. When will I receive my Guardian member tax receipt?

Guardian member tax receipts are emailed at the beginning of March. Printed copies of Guardian member tax receipts are mailed at the end of March. If you need a copy of your tax receipt earlier, please contact Member Support at 1-800-628-0028.

6. How do I delete my ASPCA account?

  • Call Member Support at 1-800-628-0028 and wait for a Guardian representative to take your call. The representative will request your personal information, such as full name and home address, to verify your ASPCA account.
  • Inform the Guardian representative that you want to delete your ASPCA account and not receive future billings.
  • The ASPCA will send you an email confirming the closure of your account.

7. Is donating to the ASPCA worth it?

Yes, because your donation will help fund efforts to rescue, protect, and relocate neglected animals. The ASPCA has more than 150 years of experience, giving long-suffering animals a second chance at life. For transparency, you can view the ASPCA’s annual report on its website and see how the group distributes the donations.

8. What is the most honest animal charity?

Charity Navigator gave the ASPCA a score of 99/100 and a star rating. Charity Navigator is an organization that evaluates the financial health, accountability, and transparency of charities located in the US. With the near-perfect scores, you can be assured that the ASPCA is one of the most honest animal charity organizations you can work with.

Last Updated on May 05, 2024
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