5 Best Bill Payment Reminder Apps (Free & Paid)

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best bill reminder app
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With the many things we have to remember and accounts we have to manage, paying bills can easily slip our mind or can get quite complicated. Fortunately, there are many bill reminder apps available on both Android and iOS platforms that can help you stay organized and avoid late payment fees.

In this article, we’ll provide an overview of the best bill reminder apps out there to help you choose the one that suits your needs.

The Best Bill Payment Reminder Apps

1. Cushion

Best Features:

  • Automatic Bill & BNPL Organization: Cushion AI simplifies financial management by automatically finding and organizing your bills and BNPL commitments.
  • Credit Building with BNPL Payments: Leveraging BNPL payments as opportunities to build your credit score, Cushion AI extends its benefits beyond mere organization.
  • Virtual Cushion Card for Payments: Make seamless payments using a virtual card, which not only consolidates your bills but also aids in building your credit history.

cushion ai calendar sync feature
This platform is a game-changer for those seeking to efficiently organize their bills and Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) payments. With Cushion, users can have all their recurring payments consolidated in one easy-to-navigate dashboard, granting them complete control over their financial obligations. The service automates the organization of bills by securely connecting to your accounts, ensuring you never miss a payment while offering valuable insights to optimize your budget.

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An additional feature of the app is the calendar wizard where you can you can sync all your bills to your Google calendar making it the best bill reminder app for iPhone and Android. The app automatically updates your bills to your calendar, making it easier for users. In addition, it updates itself in real-time regardless if that’s a new bill, date change or price change.

Pros Cons
  • Simplifies the tracking and payment of bills
  • Helps improve credit score by converting BNPL payments and other recurring bills into credit-building opportunities
  • Offers a unified view of all bills
  • Calendar Sync to Google Calendar in one click
Limited access to free plan

2. TimelyBills

 Best Features:

  • Advanced Bill Manager: Automatically organizes bills and subscriptions, providing reminders to prevent late payments.
  • Budget Planning and Tracking: Offers detailed budgeting tools to manage and track expenses, savings, and financial goals efficiently.
  • Family Budget Management: Allows for the creation and management of budgets with family members, fostering a collaborative approach to financial planning.

timelybills bill reminder app

TimelyBills centralizes bill management, subscription tracking, and budgeting in one user-friendly platform. It helps users avoid late payments, thus improving their credit scores and saving money on late fees. The app’s integration with Google and Outlook calendars ensures users receive timely reminders for their bill due dates directly in their preferred calendar. Additionally, TimelyBills provides tools for budget planning, tracking debts, and setting financial goals.

Pros Cons
  • Sends automatic reminders for due bills
  • Offers detailed tracking of expenses across various categories
  • Users can share budget plans with family members
  • Coverage is primarily focused on the US and Canada
  • Can be overwhelming to use with an array of customization tools and features

3. BillOut

Best Features:

  • Customized Reminders: Tailor notification settings to receive reminders up to 7 days in advance, ensuring timely payments.
  • Shared Bill Reminder: Facilitates shared responsibility for common bills, ensuring everyone involved is notified.
  • Calendar View & Weekly Reports: Offers a comprehensive view of financial commitments and weekly summaries to help users plan ahead.

billout bill reminder app

BillOut offers diverse range of features, including personalized notifications, multiple payment frequencies, and a shared bill reminder option. It caters to a wide array of user needs, making it an adaptable tool for managing personal finances. Additionally, its privacy-centric approach, requiring no bank connections and minimal personal information for signup, positions the app as a secure and straightforward solution for bill management.

Pros Cons
  • Users can choose when to receive their notifications up to 3 days in advance
  • Offers shared bill reminders
  • Provides a summary of upcoming bills every first day of the week
  • Only allows you to add one salary amount
  • Most features require a premium plan free plan.
  • App is designed exclusively for use on mobile devices or tablets.

4.  Chronicle

Best Features:

  • Forecast View & Amount to Save: Projects future bill payments and savings requirements, aiding in financial planning.
  • Intelligent Estimated Amount Due: Utilizes bill type, payment history, and seasonal trends to accurately estimate variable bill amounts.
  • Monthly History & Annual Reports: Offers detailed insights into monthly and yearly spending, allowing for better financial oversight and planning.

Chronicle reminds users of upcoming payments and also meticulously tracks payment history, providing a solid record of transactions. For Mac users, the free version supports up to five bills, while Chronicle Pro offers an expanded suite of features, including unlimited bill tracking and advanced forecasting tools.

Pros Cons
  • Adept at providing users with notification alerts for upcoming bills
  • Maintains a comprehensive record of all payments, including confirmation numbers
  • Offers a forecasting feature for irregular bills, advising on the monthly savings needed to cover expenses
  • Limited free version
  • Can only be used on Mac, iPhone, iPad

5. Bill Tracker Pro

Best Features:

  • Custom Recurring Bills and Income: Allows for detailed scheduling of payment obligations and income, including custom intervals.
  • Payment Reminders and Notifications: Sends alerts directly to your device, complete with rich push notifications including a monthly bill bar chart.
  • Comprehensive Accounts Management: Tracks account balances over time, providing insights into financial trends and helping users manage their money more effectively.

bill tracker pro bill reminder app

BillTrackerPro offers a robust platform for logging and monitoring spending across various categories, thereby providing valuable insights into where money is being allocated. With features that enable the creation of recurring bills and income streams, BillTrackerPro simplifies financial obligations management by sending timely reminders and push notifications to prevent late payments.

The app’s calendar view and detailed charts visually represent financial commitments and spending patterns, aiding users in making informed budgeting decisions. Additionally, synchronizing data across devices and securing app access with biometric authentication enhances user convenience and security.

Pros Cons
  • Allows users to create recurring bills with various billing periods, such as daily, weekly, and monthly
  • Personalized notification alerts
  • Provides users with a comprehensive overview of their financial obligations and spending patterns
Bill Tracker Pro might require a subscription to access all new features


Managing bills and finances can be daunting, but with the help of the best bill reminder app, it doesn’t have to be. The best bill reminder app provides features like sending multiple reminders before the due date, organizing bills by categories, displaying payment history, and tracking expenses. These features help you manage bills efficiently and avoid late payments. Ultimately, the choice comes down to understanding what is the best bill reminder app to use that aligns with your specific needs and preferences.

Last Updated on May 05, 2024
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