Sync your bills to your Google Calendar with one click

No more sending yourself reminders. No more using your Notes app for tracking bills. Welcome to a world where your bills add themselves to your Calendar and update themselves, automatically
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Never miss a payment due date again

Effortlessly organize your bills, subscriptions, and BNPL payments in one unified view. Enjoy a clutter-free calendar that doesn’t compromise clarity.
Google Calendar Bill Reminders and Organizer
Google Calendar Bill Reminders and Organizer

We’ve got your back. Cushion automatically streams any updates to your bills from the Cushion app to your calendar

Sync my bills

How it works

Organize and schedule bill payments automatically
Step 1

We organize your bills

Securely link your bank and email. We'll find and neatly organize your bills and Buy Now Pay Later payments
Calendar sync for bill tracking
Step 2

Activate the Calendar Wizard

In a few short seconds, all the bills & BNPL you track in Cushion appear in your Google Calendar. Pretty magical
Automated bill calendar updates
Step 3

Your bill calendar updates itself in real-time

New bill. Price change. Date change. Whatever happens, it's reflected in your bill calendar automatically

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How to sync your bills with your Google Calendar

Your privacy is our top concern

Cushion securely communicates with your Google calendar about your bills. Nothing else.

Rigorous annual Google audit

Cushion undergoes a rigorous annual Google audit that ensures our security practices and data usage are top-notch and fully compliant

Your calendars remain yours

We never access or view your existing calendars or events. Cushion respects your privacy at every step

Exclusive secondary calendar

Your bills are neatly organized in a dedicated calendar, which you can effortlessly show or hide, maintaining the integrity of your main schedule

Total control

You're given complete control over visibility and settings, allowing Cushion to integrate seamlessly into your life without ever feeling intrusive

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Sync your calendar, streamline your payments, and never miss a due date again!

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