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All your Buy Now Pay Later payments in one app

Your one-stop-shop to track, manage, pay and even build credit with your BNPL payments
Track Payments

No more jumping between apps

All your due dates, loan dates, and payments in one clean dashboard.
cushion bnpl dashboard
Cushion does all the work to organize your Buy Now Pay Later purchases and payments automatically

Don't leave credit behind

Turn your spend with Affirm, Klarna, Afterpay, and more into credit profile wins
At the end of every month, Cushion adds up all payments made through your Cushion card and reports them to the credit bureaus


out of Buy Now Pay Later than ever before


Get a quick snapshot of your progress for the month broken down by BNPL provider
bnpl progress snapshot
bnpl progress snapshot

Loan Details

Go a level deeper to check your payment details, loan schedule, and more
cushion bnpl loan details
cushion bnpl loan details


Review quick highlights of spend activity, recent loan payoffs, and trends
track bnpl activity
track bnpl activity

Calendar View

The quickest way to get a visual of your BNPL payments in a given month
track bnpl payments monthly
track bnpl payments monthly

BNPL Search

Looking for something? Now you can search for any purchase across any BNPL provider
bnpl purchase search
bnpl purchase search

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