How to Look Expensive on a Budget

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how to look expensive on a budget
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Dressing to please is not only about spending lots of money but an art of style. As Allison Lumbatis, fashion advisor and CEO of Outfit Formulas, said, “When it comes to leveling up your look, it’s all about the details. The rich aesthetic can be achieved with quality fabrics, proper fit, subtle patterns, and even fine details, like buttons and stitching.” 

Putting a polished look together without going bankrupt requires clever fashion decisions and avoiding common wardrobe mistakes. The aim is for quiet confidence that echoes sophistication yet does not scream for reassurance.

1. Create New Outfits With What You Already Have

In lieu of buying new clothes every time it appears that you have nothing to wear, try sifting through what you already own. This will help you appreciate what you have and save on unnecessary expenditures.

Avoid sloppy or loose-fitting clothes but if these are already in your possession, they can be matched with tailored ones.

For instance, a day dress could be worn with a fitted blazer, or an oversized sweater could be paired with slim trousers.

2. Go To Thrift Stores

thrift store
Check out thrift stores in upscale neighborhoods and online platforms for second-hand goods to get quality without spending too much.

You can find a sewing machine on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist that has been used before and learn some basic stitching, which you can use for minor repairs.

In addition, finding local tailors who charge fair prices means that you can customize something without spending a fortune.

3. Invest In Timeless Pieces

If you put your money into classic pieces you love and that go well with your style, you’ll be able to save much more in the future.

For example, buying a quality white basic t-shirt worth $75 is more economical than purchasing one for only $5, which easily gets torn.

Consider also that fashion trends change constantly so what might seem trendy today can look cheap tomorrow.

It’s about time to quit those trendy lifestyle influencers who are possibly draining your savings.

4. Good Grooming Goes A Long Way

good grooming
Between good grooming and looking good, it starts with your self-confidence and comfort on your skin. Take control of how you look by making sure that you always have a regular haircut, personal care products that suit your skin type, and maintaining good hygiene.

Don’t forget about small things like trimming your beard or plucking your eyebrows. Choose a light fragrance to match with the way you dress, but use it sparingly.

Grooming is not just another routine; it is synonymous with self-care and self-assurance. Embrace it proudly because those seemingly insignificant things make a significant difference in how you are seen by others out there.

5. Make a Capsule Wardrobe

capsule wardrobe
When constructing a capsule wardrobe, it’s vital to choose a consistent color scheme. This way, you streamline your clothing options so that each item will effortlessly fit together with others.

Instead of acquiring excess alternatives that result in repeated outfits, concentrate on purchasing adaptable basics that can be easily mixed and matched.

In following an overall color theme for your clothes, you increase the adaptability of these items; this facilitates numerous stylish combinations without having to own too many separate things.

6. Be Minimalist

When it comes to makeup, less is more. Go for a simple look instead of applying too many cosmetic products.

Besides the fact that it makes you look smart and appealing, you’ll save on cash due to not having to purchase expensive stuff. This principle extends to fashion as well.

If you want an elegant style, then go for neutral basics instead of clothes with contrasting patterns or excessive embellishments.

In case you’re undecided on what to wear, put on one-colored attire plus minimal jewelry; have a small bag and sunglasses that blend effortlessly with your dress code.

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7. Get Your Perfect Fit

If your dress doesn’t match you well, you can be seen as disorganized, which is totally contradictory to what we want.

It’s best to figure out your size or fit before purchasing items if you want them to look costly.

Alternatively, have the clothes tailored and it will be cost-effective when done in small doses. There is nothing better than perfect-fitting clothes.

8. Wear Simple Accessories

simple accessories
To know how to dress expensive on a budget, there isn’t any one rule for accessories.

For your everyday outfit, you may want to consider delicate, plain, and simple jewelry.

Alternatively, put on a stylish hoop earring, a trendy bangle, ​or even chunky ones that will instantly take your whole look up a notch.

Here is the catch; you’re supposed to wear just enough accessories according to your style plus body shape. This implies that it should be something noticeable to create the desired visual impact without necessarily overburdening one’s attire with too many items.

9. Carry Structured Bags

structured bags
When people first see you, they will likely notice your handbags and purses. Nothing feels better than having a well-put-together look that can make people think you’re among the top 1%.

Therefore, go for bags with sharp corners and flat sides that don’t easily deform. These are convenient accessories since they significantly change one’s looks without much effort.

10. Wear tidy shoes

tidy shoes
You can build your whole outfit around shoes, and you can also ruin a fabulous look with scruffy shoes. Another way to look expensive on a budget is by taking good care of your shoes. Ensure that they are polished and in good repair.

Have a kit for polishing shoes as well as moisturizing the leather ones. And use waterproof sprays to shield them from rainfall, snow, or spills.

By treating and cleaning your footwear, you also enhance their longevity which is good news for your wallet because you will not have to replace them frequently.

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Fashion Recap

To sum up, appearing sophisticated and polished does not require you to spend much — rather, it’s about becoming a master of fashion.

According to Allison Lumbatis, what matters most is attention to detail. You can still look luxurious without having to empty your pockets by giving priority to good materials, perfect fitting, and minimal decorations.

Besides making strategic choices in clothes, creating simplicity as well as quality awareness through fashion is equally important.

Whether you’re putting together a few selected outfits, or buying classic pieces that never go out of style; it all boils down to being deliberate while confident about personal style development.

Follow these guidelines to take your looks up a notch and let them speak sophistication effortlessly, irrespective of how much money you have.

Last Updated on April 04, 2024
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