What Is a Card Replacement Fee?

If your debit or bank card is lost, damaged, or stolen, some banks will charge you a card replacement fee to send you a new card. Chase does not charge customers for a replacement bank card; however, you may run into a charge if you need a new card quickly.

How Much Does a Card Replacement Fee Cost at Chase?

Although Chase does not charge you for a standard card replacement, you will be charged $5 if you need to expedite the process. If you need to rush your card delivery, Chase says they aim to deliver a backup card in about two business days.

How to Avoid a Card Replacement Fee

The best way to avoid a Chase card replacement fee is to find an alternative payment method while you wait for your new card using the standard delivery method.

You may also choose to stop by a Chase branch for your new card. Some branches are able to print new cards on-site and send you on your way — new card in hand and free of charge. If you are interested in this option, you should call Chase customer service and ask about local branches with card replacement capabilities.

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How to Get a Card Replacement Fee Refund

If it turns out that you need the card quickly and you get stuck with a fee, you can always contact Chase customer service to see if one of their representatives will waive the fee. Consider a few things before you start your negotiation.

Properly prepare

Be prepared to give your name, bank account number, card number, and the fees that you’d like to negotiate.

Start by saying: “Hi. My name is [your name], and I recently received a card replacement fee. I’m contacting you to see if you would be willing to refund it.”

Prepare your points of leverage

Are you experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19? Is this your first time ever requesting a replacement card? Do you have multiple accounts with Chase? The more points that you are able to leverage, the better chance that you will succeed in negotiating with your bank.

Be persistent but kind

Remember: It is your money that you are negotiating for. It’s possible that the representative will tell you that they can’t issue refunds; press the issue, but make sure that you do it respectfully. If you continue to hear “no”, try asking to speak with a manager or calling back at a later date to speak with someone new.

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Last Updated on September 19, 2023