How to Change Payment Method on Spotify

With over 180 million users worldwide, Spotify is arguably the most famous music streaming service on the planet. Most people think the free version is just fine (and it is!) However, you can upgrade to premium for an ad-free experience, downloadable music and podcast episodes, and offline listening. Chances are you don’t want your service interrupted, so if you get a new debit or credit card—or want to switch to a new payment method entirely—you should do that promptly. Learn more about how to change your payment method on Spotify here.

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How Much Does Spotify Premium Cost?

Anyone can access Spotify Free, but you’ll have limited abilities. For instance, you won’t be able to listen to music and podcast episodes offline, and you’ll have to sit through advertisements while you’re listening.

But if you want a more seamless listening experience, you can opt for a premium Spotify account.

Premium free trial

You can try Spotify Premium for free with a one-month Premium trial. Be aware that before starting your free trial, you’ll need to input your payment method and payment details. This is so that the service can charge you for your subscription after your free trial has ended and you’ll be able to enjoy the service without interruptions.

That means that if you don’t have any intention on keeping Spotify Premium after your free trial ends, you should set up an alert for yourself to cancel your subscription.

Premium Individual

This plan allows you to access all Premium features on a single account. An individual Spotify Premium account costs $9.99 per month, although prices can vary with your country of residence.

Premium Student

Spotify offers a 50% discount on its Premium plan for students at $4.99 per month. You can access Premium as a student for a maximum of four years. Please note: The service will also require you to verify your student identity through email.

Premium Duo

The best Spotify Premium plan for couples, Duo allows you to share your subscription with one more account for a discounted price. It’ll cost you $12.99 for a duo account, saving you 40% compared to two individual accounts.

Premium Family

Is everyone in the family looking for a Spotify Premium membership? It may be easier to subscribe to the Family plan. Spotify Premium Family allows you to connect up to six accounts. Although it is the most expensive option at $15.99 per month, it can save you nearly 75% of the cost of an individual plan.

Additionally, the plan manager can choose which accounts have access to explicit content, which may be good news for parents of younger children who use the service.

How to Change Your Payment Method on Spotify

Spotify makes it easy to change your payment method, even when your Premium plan is active. To change payment method or payment details on your Spotify account:

  1. Launch any web browser on a computer or mobile device
  2. Go to the Spotify website and log in to your account
  3. From the account page, select Account Overview
  4. Go to the section called Your Plan and select Update next to your current payment method
  5. Update your payment method and payment details, such as security code and expiry date, as needed

To confirm that your Spotify payment method has been successfully updated, refresh the page or log in to your account again. Your new payment method should take effect on your next billing date.

Which Payment Methods Does Spotify Accept?

Spotify accepts a wide range of payment methods for Premium plans.


Spotify accepts credit/debit cards from all major banks as the payment method for Premium plans. You can use Mastercard, Visa, Discover, Capital One, or American Express cards to keep your Spotify Premium account in good standing.

Prepaid card

You can use prepaid cards from reputable financial institutions to pay for your Premium plan.


You can renew your Premium plan by paying directly from your PayPal account. You only need to provide an email and password to set up automatic payments through PayPal.

Gift card

Spotify accepts payments through gift cards issued by authorized signatories such as Apple and Google Play Store. You can directly enter the gift card details to get Spotify Premium. Once the balance on the gift card has been used, you will need to update your payment method and payment details so that you do not experience an interruption in your Spotify service.

Mobile payment

You can add your Spotify payments to your phone bill. All you need is to verify your phone number under the Pay by Mobile section. After that, all Spotify charges will be added to the phone bill you receive per your postal PIN code.

Please note: This feature is only available on specific networks, so check with your phone provider to see if you are eligible to make mobile payments.

Can You Change Your Payment Date on Spotify?

Unfortunately, there is no way to manually change your Spotify payment date at this time. If you wish to pay your Premium subscription on a certain day, you may have to cancel your subscription and resume on the date that you wish to pay.

Spotify bills customers each month on the day that they signed up. That means that if you sign up on the 21st of the month, your payment method will be charged on that same day each month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there no option to change my Spotify Premium plan?

If you cannot change your plan or cancel your Premium account, you may have access to the service through a third-party service. To cancel your Premium subscription, you’ll need to contact the company through which you access Spotify. This information can usually be found in your Payments section.

Can I update my Spotify payment plan from the app?

No. You can only modify your Spotify payment plan from the account settings on the web. However, you can use your Spotify mobile app on Android and iOS to know how much longer remains in your current Premium plan. You can view this information from the same Account page where you can view your basic account info, such as username and connected email address.

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