How to Cancel Primerica Membership

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how to cancel primerica membership
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Does your Primerica subscription seem more expensive than useful? Many people expressed doubts about the value and efficiency of their memberships when they were promised financial security and prosperity.

According to Reddit threads, Primerica operates legally, but it is often criticized for its higher fees compared to other financial service providers. Many customers, especially those with limited investment knowledge, have felt caught off guard by these costs.

This article will take you through easy steps on how to cancel Primerica membership and what the best insurance alternative is.

cancel primerica

How to Cancel Primerica Life Insurance via Call

  1. Call their Client Services Hotline at 1-800-257-4725 (for USA clients) and 1-800-387-7876 (for Canada clients who speaks English) 1-800-265-4804 (for Canada clients who speaks French)
  2. Ask to speak with a live agent
  3. Make your Policy and Account Details handy for the verification process
  4. Ask to cancel your policy and any recurring payments
  5. Follow their instructions
  6. Ask for a confirmation email
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How to Cancel Primerica Life Insurance via Fax or Mail

You may send a signed cancellation request letter and send it to the following:

USA Clients

For PLIC Insurance policies, send the letter to:

Primerica Life
Attn: Cancellations
1 Primerica Parkway
Duluth, Georgia 30099-0001
Fax: 470-564-6454 – Attn: Cancellations

For NBL Insurance policies, send the letter to:

National Benefit Life
Administrative Office
P. O. Box 100036
Duluth, Georgia 30096-0090
Fax: 470-564-6454 – Attn: Cancellations

Canada Clients

For PLICC Insurance policies, send written requests to:

Primerica Life Insurance Company of Canada
P. O. Box 174
Streetsville Ontario L5M 2B8
Attn: Cancellations
Fax: 905-813-5312 – Attn: Cancellations

Note: Written requests must be signed and dated. You should also include your policy number. If a policy is being paid for by automatic bank drafts, it will take at least five business days to stop future drafts. To learn more about the cancellation of your Primerica policy, click here.

Primerica Refund Policy

cancel primerica membership

Eligibility for Refund

  • Refund applies if you signed up for Full-Service POL as part of a $99 fee ($103.95 in Canada) Independent Business Application (IBA).
  • If you signed up for Primerica Online (POL) services and paid the first monthly fee, you can get that initial payment refunded.


  • Must apply for a refund within the first 30 days after your Rep ID was issued.

General Refund Policy

  • No refunds are issued for cancellations except as specified above.
  • Service Level changes or access cancellations will be effective on your next POL billing date.
  • Access to service features continues until the end of the month.
  • Immediate cancellation of access to POL occurs upon termination of agent agreements, direction from the Company’s legal department, or request by your upline Representative.
  • A refund request for the POL fee must be made separately from a refund request for the IBA fee.

To learn more about Primerica’s Refund Policy, visit their Agreement Page.

How to Request a Refund

You may either send your signed request letter via mail or email. To make it easier for you, we have created a sample letter that you can download.

You can also do it by calling their phone number below:

Mailing Address:
POL – Refunds Primerica
1 Primerica Parkway
Duluth, GA 30099-0001
Email: [email protected]
Phone: Toll-free 1-888-737-2255

Alternative to Primerica

If you’re looking for a company with broad coverage options and robust financial stability, then it’s wise to consider MassMutual. This company offers a comprehensive range of policies, including term, whole, universal, and variable universal life insurance. They support online claims and even provide free coverage for low-income parents. MassMutual is known for its exceptional financial strength and high customer satisfaction, making it a reliable choice for your insurance needs.

If you’re in need of excellent claims service and cost-effective rates, Erie Insurance might be the right fit for you. Erie excels in handling claims, which is crucial for dependable life insurance. They also prioritize customer satisfaction, as reflected in the positive feedback from their clients. Additionally, Erie offers competitive rates, making it a cost-effective choice for those seeking modified life insurance.

AAA Insurance stands out if you’re seeking affordable rates and tailored coverage. AAA offers significant potential savings compared to traditional whole-life insurance, with policies that can be customized to suit your individual needs. Moreover, the convenience of the AAA app, which provides features like trip monitoring, car health diagnostics, and street sweeping alerts, adds to the overall appeal of their insurance offerings​.

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If you think your Primerica Insurance is costly and it is something you never use, this is the right time to cancel it by calling their hotline number 1-800-257-4725 (for US Clients) and 1-800-387-7876 (for Canada clients) or by sending a cancellation request letter to their mailing address above. You must apply for a refund within 30 days after you receive your Rep ID; refunds are not possible after that period.

You might be eligible for a refund if you signed up for Full-Service POL as part of a $99 fee ($103.95 in Canada) for an Independent Business Application (IBA). Just send a signed refund request letter to their mailing address.

Last Updated on June 06, 2024
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