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how to cancel babbel
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Babbel currently has three different plans, and their costs vary depending on whether you’re paying for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, or for a lifetime subscription.

  1. Babbel costs $6.95 – $13.95 per month
  2. Babbel Live costs $50.00 – $99.00 per month
  3. Babbel Lifetime costs $299.50 (one-time fee)

If you find this confusing then you’re not alone. In fact, you’ve probably enrolled in the wrong plan since the information regarding the plans is vague at best.

Fortunately for you, we’re here to help clarify some things and also to help you cancel your current plan and subscribe to a more suitable Babbel plan.

💡 Pro tip: If you’re canceling and resubscribing, use this coupon link for an additional 5% to 15% off on select Babbel subscription plans.

how to cancel babbel subscription

How to Cancel Babbel and Babbel Live Subscription Online

You can cancel your Babbel or Babbel Live subscription online in two quick steps:

  1. Log in and Navigate to Babbel’s Account Information Page
  2. Click the Cancel Auto-Renewal button

💡 Note: You can’t cancel your Babbel Lifetime subscription because it’s only terminated “upon the end of your life, if Babbel ceases to provide the Services in their entirety, or if Babbel ceases its business operations in their entirety.

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What’s Included in the Basic Babbel Subscription?

The Basic Babbel Subscription gives you access to self-study courses for the language of your choice on or through the Babbel Mobile App.

The Basic Babbel Subscription also gives you access to their Podcasts and Review Feature.

What’s Included in the Babbel Live Subscription?

The Babbel Live subscription includes Online Tutoring Classes for Spanish, German, Italian, and French. This is in addition to the self-study courses for all the languages listed above as well as access to the Podcasts and Review Feature.

The Babbel Live Plan costs $43.05 more per month than the Basic Babbel plan if paid annually. Which is a pretty big difference in cost but language learning is definitely easier if you have someone to practice with.

What’s Included in the Babbel Lifetime Subscription?

The Babbel Lifetime subscription is essentially a one-time payment for the Basic Babbel Plan for all languages. Babbel Lifetime is worth 3.6 years of Babbel Basic. So, if you’re planning on using Babbel for 4 years or more, then this is the plan for you.

How to Cancel Babbel by Upgrading

You don’t have to cancel your Babbel Subscription if you’re planning to upgrade to a more expensive plan.

Your original subscription will be automatically canceled once you upgrade and the first payment period of the new subscription will be prorated accordingly.

💡 Note: This doesn’t work if your original subscription was bought via the Apple App Store. Be sure to cancel your original subscription manually before upgrading if you purchased Babbel from the App Store.

How to Cancel Babbel Subscription on iPhone

To cancel your Babbel Subscription on iOS, just follow these steps:

  1. Click Settings on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Click your Apple ID
  3. Click Subscriptions
  4. Click Babbel subscription
  5. Click Cancel subscription or Cancel Free Trial
  6. Click Confirm

How to Cancel Babbel Subscription on Android

To cancel your Babbel subscription on Android, just follow these steps:

  1. Click Google Play Store
  2. Make sure you are signed in to your correct Google account
  3. Click your Profile Icon at the top right corner
  4. Click Payments and subscriptions
  5. Click Subscriptions
  6. Click Babbel subscription
  7. Click Cancel subscription

how to cancel babbel subscription on android

How do I Cancel a Babbel Live Class?

To cancel a specific Babbel Live class, you’ll need to do the following steps:

  1. Go to your Babbel App
  2. Click Live
  3. Click the See All option within the Scheduled section
  4. Navigate to your booking
  5. Click the Cancel class button

Alternatively, you can also do this via the web; just log in to, click on Live at the top, and follow the same steps.

how to cancel babbel live class

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If you’re considering canceling your Babbel subscription, follow these very simple steps:

To cancel online, log in to Account Information, click the “Cancel auto-renewal” button, and check your email for confirmation.

For iPhone users, go to Settings, click your Apple ID, select Subscriptions, choose Babbel, and then click “Cancel”.

For Android users, open the Google Play Store, click the Profile Icon, go to Payments and Subscriptions, select Subscriptions, choose Babbel, and click “Cancel.”

To cancel a Babbel Live class, use the Babbel app or website, navigate to Live, go to Scheduled, click “See all,” and then click “Cancel class.”

Remember, for third-party subscriptions, you must cancel your subscription first through the Apple Store or Google Play before you delete your account. For further assistance, contact [email protected].

Last Updated on June 06, 2024
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