680 Credit Score: Is It Good or Bad?

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680 credit score
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Your credit score greatly impacts your financial opportunities. But what does a 680 credit score mean – is it good or bad for applying for loans and credit cards? In this article, we’ll break down what a 680 credit score means and how to leverage Cushion to continue building your credit.

Is 680 a Good Credit Score?

The FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation) credit scoring model categorizes credit scores as follows:

  • 800-850 = Exceptional
  • 740-799 = Very Good
  • 670-739 = Good
  • 580-669 = Fair
  • 300-579 = Very Poor

So, a 680 FICO score falls into the “Good” range. But is it toward the top or bottom of good? Overall, a 680 credit score is considered decent by most lenders. With some minor improvements, you could gain access to more competitive rates.

What Can You Get Approved For With a 680 Credit Score?

With a 680 credit score, you can likely qualify for:


A minimum 620 credit score is recommended for conventional mortgage approval. At 680, you’ll have more options and likely get lower interest rates depending on your debt-to-income ratio.

Car Loans

A 680 credit score makes it relatively easy to qualify for car loans. Lenders will likely offer competitive rates based on your income and existing debt.

Credit Cards

Most credit card issuers require applicants to have at least a good credit score. With your 680 score, you’ll have many solid, unsecured credit card offers to choose from.

Student Loans

Scoring 680, which is in the “good” range, means you’ll easily qualify for federal and private student loan options. Approval is very likely.

Personal Loans

Personal loan approval with a 680 score is probable from most lenders. However, you may get higher interest rates than borrowers with “very good” or higher scores.

However, you may not get approved for 0% intro APR credit cards, the best balance transfer offers, top-tier rewards credit cards, or jumbo loans.

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Tips to Improve Your 680 Credit Score 

Here are some tips to improve your 680 credit score:

1. Monitor your credit regularly

Check your credit report and score often to catch issues early before they escalate and cause lasting damage. Monitoring also tracks your progress.

2. Stick to a budget

Create and follow a budget to break uncontrolled spending habits. Account for at least the minimum monthly debt payments.

3. Pay bills on time

Payment history is the biggest factor in your score. Pay all bills by the due date, and set up autopay if possible.

4. Increase your credit history

Apply for new credit cards or loans you can easily repay. This will thicken your credit file, which will aid your score.

5. Reduce credit card balances

Pay down balances, and keep utilization below 30% of your credit limits. High balances can negatively impact your score.

6. Apply selectively for new credit

Space out applications by six months to avoid too many hard inquiries, which causes temporary score drops.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much can I borrow with a 680 credit score?  

With a 680 credit score, you can qualify for mortgages, auto loans, credit cards, personal loans, and more. However, the interest rates and loan amounts you are approved for will vary by lender. Generally, you may be able to borrow between $5,000 – $300,000, depending on the type of product.

How much of a home loan can I get with a 680 credit score? 

The home loan amount you qualify for with a 680 credit score depends on factors like your income, existing debt, and down payment amount. However, many lenders will approve borrowers with 680 credit scores for home loans up to $400,000. You have a good chance of securing home financing but may need a larger down payment than buyers with higher scores.


A 680 credit score is considered “Good” according to the FICO model, but there is still room for improvement to access the best rates. You can gradually increase your score by keeping an eye on your credit, budgeting responsibly, paying bills on time, minimizing balances, and limiting new credit applications.

With this score, you can qualify for mortgages, car loans, credit cards, student loans, and personal loans without much difficulty. However, you may still not be able to access top-tier 0% APR cards, rewards programs, balance transfers, and jumbo loans without further score improvements.

Tools like Cushion can help you maintain positive credit behavior by organizing your payments. Regular, small improvements in your score can add up over time and maximize your potential for improvement.

Last Updated on February 02, 2024
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