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Introducing Fee Genius, Cushion's New Ultra-Smart Fee Monitoring Tool

By Brooke Vaughan // June 1, 2021

In a world where Americans pay $200 billion in bank fees and credit card interest every year, Cushion set out to right the wrongs of a financial system not designed in favor of the consumer.

“Why do I have to waste so much time to get my own hard-earned money back?” thought Cushion Founder and CEO Paul Kesserwani. It was 2016—pre-Cushion—and he was in the throes of a heated dispute with his bank, trying to reclaim $400 that they had unexpectedly charged to his account.

A situation all too common for consumers today.

After extensive research, he discovered just how detrimental these fees were. Consumers were being penalized, often for trying to survive. Just as importantly, he realized that there was no digital solution to combat the issue. “Basically if you’re an average person, you’re left to fend for yourself in this complex, constantly changing landscape.”

Cushion did something about it.

A New (Cushion) World

In the past year alone, Cushion has refunded more than $10 million in bank and credit card fees to the average consumer—and we’re just getting started.

⚛️ Fee Genius is our new and improved core offering that allows customers to access the power of Cushion at a fraction of the cost.

We encourage you to think of it like a nerdy bodyguard built to protect your money. The Genius is trained on $30 billion worth of bank and credit card fee transactions.

  • 🔍 It scans your accounts 24/7
  • 🚨 It finds & alerts you about sneaky fees
  • 💡 It lets you know what’s negotiable, which banks are cooperative, and more

“But what happened to the old Cushion?”

Not to worry—Cushion’s fee negotiation is alive and well. First, you should know a bit more about the switch.

Why the Switch?

Currently, Cushion’s fee negotiations are only possible because of that little tool called ⚛️ Fee Genius. We say “little,” but it’s really the brains behind the operation.

Over the years, customers have received a lot of value just from our account monitoring, fee detection, and alert features, so we wanted to make that accessible and affordable—whether or not we negotiate your fees for you.

Half of the battle in managing your finances is awareness, which means that you have to constantly stay on top of your account balances and watch out for fees that could very well slip through the cracks.

⚛️ Fee Genius keeps an eye on all of these things, raises a red flag when we sense danger, and will very soon predict when you will get hit with an overdraft fee. Half the battle: solved.

The other half of the battle is doing something about those fees and interest charges, which some people like to do on their own. ⚛️ Fee Genius lets you know whether your bank is typically cooperative, moderate, or difficult to negotiate with, based on our own negotiation history with them, to make the process a little easier for you.

Enter Fee Negotiation

If you’d like Cushion to take the negotiating off of your hands, well we’re sort of geniuses at that too (remember, we’ve successfully refunded customers more than $10 million). Along with ⚛️ Fee Genius, we’re offering an optional 💭 Fee Negotiation add-on that allows us to automatically contact your bank on your behalf when we determine that you have a high likelihood of getting a refund.

Our sophisticated algorithms know when to launch a negotiation and exactly what points of leverage to use in order to increase your chances of success.

The best part? Fee negotiations are commission-based, so you only pay when your negotiation is successful. In other words, we only win when you win.

Note: Cushion cannot guarantee any negotiations, a regular frequency of negotiations, or fee refunds—your bank makes the final call.

Cushion helps you waste less money, save more, and live a financially healthier life. We monitor your bank and credit card accounts 24/7, find and alert you about pesky fees, let you know which fees are negotiable, which banks are cooperative, and can even automatically negotiate on your behalf.* To date, Cushion has secured customers more than $13 million in bank and credit card fee refunds—and we’re just getting started.

*Cushion only negotiates fees with high refund odds. We cannot guarantee any negotiations, a regular frequency of negotiations, or fee refunds—your bank makes the final call.

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