How to Cancel V Shred University (VSU) Subscription

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how to cancel vshred
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“To lose weight” is the most popular AND most commonly broken New Year’s resolution. That’s why a V Shred workout program backed by a 90-day guarantee or money-back assurance is hard to pass up.

For $19.99 monthly, V Shred University (VSU)  will grant you unlimited access to V Shred’s entire library of guaranteed workout programs, diet plans, and private sessions with top fitness trainers.

The only sure things in life are death and taxes, not V Shred results. If their underdosed and overpriced proprietary blend supplements are making your wallet lose weight faster than you, it’s time to learn how to cancel your V Shred subscription.

how to cancel vshred subscription

The Two Methods of Canceling Your V Shred University (VSU) Subscription 

You can cancel your V Shred University (VSU) subscription by sending an email with the subject line: “VSU Cancelation Request” to [email protected].

You can cancel online by logging into your Account and clicking Edit Profile. Select Purchases, then click Subscriptionsfrom the drop-down menu. Click “Cancel Subscription” and follow the prompts to complete the cancelation process.

💡 Pro Tip: Cancel your VSU subscription before the 30-day trial period ends. If you don’t cancel, your $1 subscription will be adjusted to a $19.99 monthly billing subscription.

How to Cancel Your V Shred University (VSU) Subscription By Email

Send a cancelation email to [email protected], with the subject line: “VSU Cancelation Request.”

Don’t forget to provide V Shred customer support with the following information in your email:

  • Full name
  • VSU account number
  • VSU account user name
  • Email address
  • Mobile phone number

Inform customer support that you want to cancel your V Shred subscription. Give a reason for cancelation. Ask customer support to send an email confirming the cancelation of your subscription.

How to Cancel Your V Shred University (VSU) Subscription Online

cancel vshred university online

Follow the steps below to cancel your V Shred subscription online.

  1. Log into your Account.
  2. Click “Edit Profile.”
  3. Click “Purchases.”
  4. Click “Subscriptions.”
  5. Click “Cancel Subscription.”
  6. Follow the prompts to complete the cancelation of your subscription.

💡 Note: Canceling your VSU subscription will stop future monthly charges. However, the previous month’s subscription fee is non-refundable. You can continue to enjoy your membership until the current billing period ends.

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What is V Shred’s Cancelation and Refund Policy?

V Shred Refund Policy

V Shred sells customized coaching programs, apparel, supplements, videos, and e-books. Non-sale apparel, videos, and e-books have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Supplements carry a Lifetime guarantee of up to one unopened bottle and two unopened bottles. V Shred only allows two returns per customer per year. 

The cancelation and refund policy for coaching programs isn’t as straightforward. Coaching programs include Accelerator, Fat Loss Extreme for Her, and Ripped in 90 Days.

V Shred doesn’t allow cancelations and refunds for its coaching programs, which have been customized to meet the needs of specific clients.

However, because the programs carry a 90-day guarantee, V Shred has relaxed its refund policy, provided the customer’s request meets the criteria for a refund.

The criteria for a refund request are as follows:

  • The customer must strictly follow the trainer’s custom training program and meal plan.
  • The customer must submit body measurements every week.
  • The customer must agree to meet with the trainer once a week.
  • The customer must take before-and-after photos every two weeks.
  • The customer must present proof of email communication with the trainer for a period of 12 weeks.

If the photos and measurements show no improvement over the 12-week period, the customer can email a refund request to [email protected] with the subject line: “Coaching Refund Request.”

The email must include the photos and measurements taken and copies of the communication with the trainer during the 12-week period. V Shred will review the request and inform the customer of its status within seven business days.

💡 Note: You must request your refund within 72 hours of purchasing non-sale apparel, videos, and e-books. Refunds are usually credited to your account two days after your request has been approved.

How to Cancel or Change Your V Shred Order

cancel or change vshred order

You can cancel or change your V Shred order anytime by emailing [email protected].

In your email, indicate if you want to cancel or change your order. Provide information such as:

  • Name of V Shred product
  • Price of V Shred product
  • Copy of any supporting document, such as an invoice or email confirmation of the order

V Shred will only accept requests to cancel or change orders before the products are shipped. V Shred does same-day shipping for orders received by 12:00 pm (PST).

If the orders are received on Saturday, Sunday, or a major holiday, V Shred will ship the product on the next business day.

How to Delete V Shred Profile

Send an email to [email protected] requesting V Shred to delete your profile. V Shred will respond with an email informing you that by deleting your account, you’ll lose access to programs you’ve purchased, including customized plans you haven’t downloaded.

V Shred will delete your profile after you’ve responded to their email. According to V Shred, the account deletion process will take one business day. V Shred will send you an email confirming the deletion of your profile.

What is V Shred?

V Shred is an e-commerce business that sells customized training programs, supplements, and fashion apparel.

The company was founded in 2015 by Nick Daniel, Roger Crandall, and Kevin Pearn. They met Vince Sant, who was working as a model then, and asked him to be the face of the brand.

The cornerstone of V Shred’s business is its customized training programs, which come with a 90-day guarantee of results. You can buy the training programs individually or join its monthly members-only group, V Shred University.

A membership at VSU gives you access to all the training programs, private sessions with V Shred’s master trainers, and recipes from professional chefs. V Shred gives a 30-day trial on VSU for only $1. You’ll be charged $19.99 if you don’t cancel before the trial period ends.

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V Shred claims it sold 3.1 million Fat Loss Extreme programs, 1.3 million diet plans, and 2.3 million supplements.

V Shred’s YouTube channel has 2.41 million subscribers, and the videos have generated 125 million views. Its Facebook and Instagram pages have over 8.3 million and 1.2 million followers, respectively.

Is V Shred a Scam?

Search “V Shred scam” on YouTube, and you’ll be greeted with a long list of videos from popular fitness influencers shredding V Shred. These fitness influencers include Jeff Cavaliere (Athlean-X), Alan Roberts, Gregg Doucette, and Derek of More Plates than Dates.

However, a video by a content creator, not a fitness influencer, put V Shred in the crosshairs of social media.

“We Need to Stop V Shred” by Josh Brett has generated over 6.5 million views since it premiered in 2021.

Five Reasons Why V Shred Could Be a Scam

V Shred Controversy

Brett cites five reasons why he believed V Shred is a scam.

1. V Shred is a Marketing Campaign

  • V Shred’s founders, Daniel, Crandall, and Pearn, are career Internet marketers, not fitness professionals.
  • V Shred’s videos are observed to be similar to other popular fitness videos.
  • V Shred’s website, videos, and e-books are inundated with ads constantly promoting its supplements and other products.
  • There is a proliferation of questionable testimonials on the website and social media pages. Many appear photo-shopped, and the testimonials could be paid.

2. Clueless Vince Sant

Vince Sant’s qualifications are listed as a professional fitness model, certified personal trainer, creator of V Shred, and bestselling author.

However, he appears clueless about the exercise’s purpose and has difficulty articulating proper form and technique.

Fitness professionals, like Cavaliere, have accused Sant of spreading misinformation and introducing exercises with a high risk of injury.

3. V Shred’s Supplements are Underdosed 

The ingredients of V Shred’s line of supplements, Sculpt Nation, are presented as a “proprietary blend.”

Sculpt Nation will show you the total weight of the various ingredients. However, the labels don’t indicate how much of each ingredient is used in the supplement.

Brett’s video includes a clip of Sant questioning Sculpt Nation’s use of proprietary blends. Sant says, “Proprietary blends mean companies use lower dosages to increase profit margins.”

4. V Shred Supplements are Overpriced 

Sculpt Nation’s fat burner, V Shred Fat Loss Extreme, costs $47. In comparison, Jacked Factory Burn XT costs $24.99. Bar Bend named Jacked Factory Burn XT the “Best Fat Burner for Men.”

5. V Shred Apparel is Overpriced

Brett claims some of the apparel found on the V Shred website can be bought in Ali Baba for 90% less.

Brett mentions V Shred’s poor Trustpilot rating. From 11,147 reviews, V Shred scored  2.5 out of five stars, and 49% of reviewers gave it a one-star rating.

The complaints ranged from overpriced and ineffective supplements to repetitive recipes and workouts and dealing with too many ad placements.

So Is V Shred a Scam?

To burn fat and build muscle, you must work out consistently and follow a strict diet.  You can “Sweat with the Oldies” with Richard Simmons and lose weight. You can exercise using your mom’s Jane Fonda workout videos from the 80s and still get results.

Heck, just type “fat loss workout” on YouTube and click on a workout that piques your interest. Do Intermittent Fasting. Try Keto. Go Carnivore for a few weeks. You can find thousands of online articles and videos about dieting and eating healthy.

You don’t have to spend $99.00 on V Shred training programs or sign up for a $19.99 VSU membership to get results.  You can achieve your health and fitness goals if you’re dedicated and consistent with your workouts and diet.

The brand’s success is attributed to its founders’ collective marketing genius, not its products’ effectiveness. Whether or not it’s a scam is debatable, but V Shred’s price point is definitely not worth the value they provide.

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To cancel your V Shred University (VSU) subscription, email [email protected]. Inform V Shred that you want to cancel your subscription. Include personal information and account details to verify your membership.

You can cancel online by logging into your Account. Click “Edit Profile,” select “Purchases,” and click “Subscriptions” from the drop-down menu. Complete the process by clicking “Cancel Subscription.”

Last Updated on July 07, 2024
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