How to Cancel Boost Mobile Service

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cancel boost mobile
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Do you get frustrated about your mobile network’s unreliability? Boost Mobile, in particular, has been a huge disappointment for one customer. They had unlimited data until they reached 30GB. After that point, their phone was essentially useless— internet speeds were so slow!

When the company refused to let them purchase more data and the unhelpful outsourced customer service couldn’t fix anything either; this left them feeling completely frustrated and disconnected from everything around them. If this sounds like what is happening with your own cell phone plan, then maybe it’s time to cancel. Here is how you can cancel Boost Mobile.

how to cancel boost mobile

How to Cancel Boost Mobile

The only way you can cancel Boost Mobile is by calling their customer care team. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Call (833) 502-6678 available from Monday – Friday 4 am – 8 pm PST, and Saturday – Sunday: 4 am – 7 pm PST.
  2. Talk to a live agent
  3. Ask to cancel your plan
  4. Provide your account details
  5. Ask if they can provide a cancellation confirmation via email
  6. Return any equipment leased within 14 days

For more details, you can visit their Support page to learn how to cancel or reactivate your plan.

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Does Boost Mobile have a Termination Fee?

No, you can cancel anytime without any termination fees or penalties because Boost Mobile has no contracts or hidden fees.

How to Cancel Boost Mobile AutoPay?

  1. Log in to
  2. Navigate to Payment
  3. Click AutoPay toggle
  4. You will get a pop-up to confirm your choice
  5. Click Disable to turn off AutoPay

Boost Mobile’s 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

New members can receive a complete refund for their wireless service, including fees and taxes if they request it within 30 days of account creation. The service will continue until the end of the first billing cycle, even if canceled mid-month.

Certain extras, like Add-Ons bought within the first 30 days, are also eligible for a full refund. However, any services purchased after the cancellation request won’t be refunded. If you have Phone Protection, you’ll need to pay a prorated charge.

Best Alternatives to Boost Mobile

Here are the top three alternatives to Boost Mobile for reliable network coverage and affordable plans:

1. Mint Mobile

  • Network: T-Mobile
  • Plans: Affordable options with a variety of data plans. The unlimited plan is $30 per month if you pay $45 upfront for a yearly plan.
  • Benefits: Reliable network performance, good coverage, and fast data speeds. Mint Mobile is well-regarded for its cost-effective plans and customer satisfaction.

2. Visible by Verizon

  • Network: Verizon
  • Plans: Visible plus plan offering unlimited data, talk, and text for $45 per month, including mobile hotspot data.
  • Benefits: Utilizes Verizon’s extensive and reliable network, providing strong coverage and straightforward pricing without hidden fees.

3. Red Pocket Mobile

  • Network: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile (user’s choice)
  • Plans: Plans start as low as $10 per month, with options for different data allowances. Red Pocket allows you to choose the best network for your area.
  • Benefits: Versatility in network selection, competitive pricing, and flexibility in plan customization.

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Are you frustrated with your Boost Mobile network’s unreliability? If you’re considering canceling, here’s how you can cancel Boost Mobile: Dial (833) 502-6678, talk to a live agent ask for the cancellation of the plans that you have, and provide your account details. Do not forget to ask for cancelation confirmation via email.

Boost Mobile has a 30-day money-back guarantee for new members who have availed of their wireless services and cancel within 30 days of account creation. For more information about contacting Boost Mobile, visit their Contact Us page.

Last Updated on July 07, 2024
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