About Cushion

We created Cushion out of necessity - to safeguard your money.

Our Story

You work hard for your money and value your time. You would rather spend thirty minutes with family/friends, at the gym, or simply unwinding - than arguing with your bank about questionable fees. We feel you.

In the summer of 2016, our CEO Paul Kesserwani was helping his parents dispute a costly Balance Transfer Fee when he uncovered $400+ worth of bank penalties on his own accounts.

Late Fees. ATM Fees. Foreign Transaction Fees. Interest Charges. And his favorite: Monthly Service Fees - which are fees for not having enough money in your account. Fantastic.

After multiple stressful confrontations with his banks, Paul decided that there had to be a better way. In this on-demand world of Uber and Instacart, why did he have to waste so much time and energy fighting to get his hard-earned money back?

After months of research, he discovered that Americans pay U.S. banks over $200 Billion each year in fees and credit card interest, but there was no digital solution to look for and dispute those charges on their behalves. So Paul decided to create one.

Cushion was born.

Our Vision

Cushion is focused on safeguarding people’s hard-earned money. We are a consumer-centric technology company that aims to not only rectify financial mistakes, but also prevent them from happening again in the future.

Our Business

The first problem we are tackling is bank fees. Consumers pay U.S. banks $200+ Billion each year in fees and credit card interest charges. We created a Facebook Messenger bot, called Fee Fighter, to dispute those charges on your behalf.

When Fee Fighter is successful, Cushion takes (at most) a 25% cut of the found money. That way users never pay for the service out of pocket.

Our Team


Founder & CEO

Paul founded Cushion after 10 years of Sales, Operations, and Product experience in Silicon Valley. His work has contributed to one acquisition and two IPOs - most notably that of Twitter where he founded the Revenue Operations team. Paul has a Computer Engineering degree from Cal Poly SLO.



Ivan is a security & payments expert with 20+ years of software development experience. Before joining Cushion, Ivan's code securely processed $100+ Million worth of transactions at Bill.com - every day. Outside of work, Ivan enjoys skiing the Sierra and cycling up and down the Peninsula.


Customer Success

James has spent his career successfully launching and growing multiple startups in a variety of industries. He has a passion for startups and scaling business for maximum profitability. He has a background in operations, customer success, business development, product, and growth.


Growth & Retention

Lauralynn has worked with dozens of startups in Silicon Valley, helping them grow their products and companies. She’s half quant/half creative and glued together by a whole lot of hustle and discipline. When she’s not on Slack, you can find her kayaking the bay or taming houseplants.


Pre-seed and angel investors backing our mission